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i am from boston, born and bred eating arroz con habichuelas and all that is good; feeling like samba-reggae-salsa all at once--right now. cambridge-ma. gentifrication sucks. urban nation. read. write. do good. chill. God. Family. Herb. Friends. Patria. one love. i thought i was strong, until i beater to the ground, right then and there, i realize, above all i need courage.

Vegetarians and the Holidays! Lots to EAT!

For many voddies, the “hardest” time to manage our eating is during  the Holidays—not because we want to eat meat, but because those who do can’t quite understand how we could ever  give up all the wonderful traditional holiday treats.  Becuase … Continue reading

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i love asparagus, i have no idea when i started eating it, since it is something that i did not grow up eating at fact , i think i was in my twenties when i first actually tried, and … Continue reading

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Rice and Peas/ Rice and Beans

Let’s start with the classic rice and beans dish that most voodies  and foodies love:  Rice and Beans. Now forget all the images of tasteless sticky filler stuff you get at most Mexican joints, or fast food places.  The best, most fullfilling, … Continue reading

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