i love asparagus, i have no idea when i started eating it, since it is something that i did not grow up eating at fact , i think i was in my twenties when i first actually tried, and it was quickly become one of my favorites all time vegetables.

 asparagus have a bite to them, they are strong in your mouth, and don’t just fall apart.  many people would call them woodsy.  i just call them damm good.

i have had asparagus all sorts of way, below is absolutely my favorite.  a little salty, and with a splash of lime…and best of all easy as ice to make.  here is goes my ode to asparagus.


Asparagus (as much or as little as you like)

A little bit of olive oil

One lime

Salt and Pepper


1.  Heat a pan to high  (I like pans grill pans the best)

2.  Take your asparagus and cover them lightly with olive oil

3.  Place asparagus on pan;  you should hear a sizzle.  Let the asparagus relax in the pan.

4.  Shake them about when that asparagus look like they have gotten some color, both bright green, and dark spots from the heat.

5.  Take a wedge of lime ans splash on top.

6.  Do this for about five minutes…

7.  Add salt and pepper, some more lime to taste  and voila…..perfectly made asparagus!


About Meeco

i am from boston, born and bred eating arroz con habichuelas and all that is good; feeling like samba-reggae-salsa all at once--right now. cambridge-ma. gentifrication sucks. urban nation. read. write. do good. chill. God. Family. Herb. Friends. Patria. one love. i thought i was strong, until i beater to the ground, right then and there, i realize, above all i need courage.
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